Cuisinart TOA-60 AirFryer Convection Toaster Oven Review

Cuisinart AirFryer, Convection Toaster Oven, Silver

If you have a small kitchen, the Cuisinart TOA-60 AirFryer Convection Toaster Oven is an all-in-one appliance that could save you time, money, and counter space. Find out how in our review!

Through combining three appliances – a toaster, convection oven, and air fryer – this unit saves space on counters while offering all the functions you need for everyday cooking. Plus, as we move to become a more health-conscious society, investing in an air fryer is a great step to consuming lower fat products while enjoying the fried snacks you love, like french fries!

The Cuisinart AirFryer Convection Toaster Oven is actually a full-size toaster oven with a built-in air fryer. So, you can bake, broil, toast, and air fry right inside the oven.

Is there a Convection feature?

The Cuisinart TOA-60 has not one but two convection features – Convection Bake and Convection Broil.

The Convection Bake function uses a fan to circulate heated air around your food to help it cook faster. This function is ideal for baking scones and bread, as well as cooking roasts, poultry, pizza, and vegetables.

Convection Broil is ideal for cooking meats and fish, as well as browning casseroles.

In general, convection features reduce cooking time by around 25%. This is because its fan circulates heat around the interior of the unit more effectively. As a result, it’s important to adjust your cooking time accordingly.

You may also find that you need to adjust the temperature to get the result you desire – and to stop your food from burning – as it will cook a lot quicker on the convection settings.

Appliance Functions

This model provides a great amount of cooking versatility because of its 7 cooking functions. While you’re cooking your pizza in your regular oven, you could be baking cookies for dessert in this Toaster Oven/AirFryer. The cooking versatility is a fantastic benefit to this appliance!

There are 7 cooking functions on this unit:
– Air Fry
– Convection Bake
– Convection Broil
– Bake
– Broil
– Warm
– Toast

You’ll find that this is a very powerful unit and that all cooking settings will cook your food a lot faster than you’re used to. As a result, it may take a few tries to get the right time and temperature for each setting.

Whether it’s a pizza or a batch of cookies in the oven, most users find that they have to reduce both the time and temperature to get the desired results they want.

For people with food sensitivities or those who want to do low calorie/low-fat cooking, this is ideal. Maybe you have a gluten intolerance – you can cook your food separately in this appliance so it won’t be contaminated by being cooked in the same oven as your family’s.


Air frying is better for your health, so if you’re looking to make healthier choices but still want to enjoy those french fries, this appliance is perfect!

Air frying uses powerful ultra-hot air and is a healthier alternative for fried food. For example, a large 4-pound chicken requires only one teaspoon of oil to fry. You can also make wings, fritters, fries, and shrimp in the air fryer – all your favorites without the calories.

The only difference in choosing to air fry your food in this unit compared to a dedicated product is that you can’t toss the contents of the basket like you can with a dedicated air fryer. Although for most food you won’t need to do this, larger items like chicken cutlets will need to be flipped halfway to ensure quick and even cooking.

As a result, it will take a little more effort to flip your food in this appliance compared to a dedicated air fryer, because you will have to remove the basket with an oven mitt and stir it.

Product Features

Power Light
While the oven is on and in use, the indicator light will turn on and remain lit, only turning off once the cooking cycle is complete.

There is also a light switch that you can press while your food is cooking. This is a great feature to help you check on your food without opening the oven door.

Safety Auto-Off Door Switch
The safety auto-off switch stops the unit cooking when the oven door is opened – this saves power and reduces the risk of your food burning once the door is opened.

Temperature Range

This unit cooks up to 450°F, with its own pre-set temperatures for Broil and Toast.

Due to its smaller interior, you’ll find this product heats up very, very quickly. Not only that, but your food will also be cooked a lot quicker. This means you may have to reduce temperature/time accordingly.

It may take a few tries before you find the ideal cooking time and temperature for your meals.

One consistent complaint is that this appliance doesn’t reach the desired temperature, or goes way above it. It seems this is a problem with the calibration, and it is an issue Cuisinart is well aware of. Fortunately, this product comes with a three-year warranty, and so if you find you are experiencing this problem, Cuisinart will either repair the issue or send a new unit.

Is the Cuisinart TOA-60 easy to clean?

The interior of this AirFryer Toaster Oven has a non-stick coating to ensure an easy-to-clean surface. It also has a pull-out crumb tray that easily slides out from the bottom front of the unit.

The basket and tray included with this product are not dishwasher safe, and so require handwashing in warm, soapy water. Many users have found these items are quite difficult to clean after using oil and eventually become discolored.

Some users have chosen to use aluminum foil to make clean-up easier. However, the manual cautions against doing this, as the foil prevents fat from dripping into the Drip Tray. This may result in grease catching fire.

Instead, the manufacturer advises that if you must use foil, be sure to cut the foil to neatly fit the pan, ensuring it doesn’t touch the wall or heating elements.

It’s also important to note that abrasives, such as metal scouring pads, cannot be used to clean this Air Fryer Toaster Oven. This will remove the non-stick coating and will make it harder to clean in the future.

To clean this product, you must turn the unit off, unplug it from the wall, and ensure it has cooled down completely. Then, use a soft, damp cloth to remove any debris. Only when the unit and its accessories have dried can you then turn the unit back on for use.


Exterior Dimensions: 15. 50 x 16. 00 x 14. 00 inches (L x W x H)
Inside capacity: 0.6 cubic feet (or 0.6 liters)

What food can be cooked in the Cuisinart TOA-60?

From bagels and muffins to french fries and shrimp – there’s so much you can cook in this compact Air Fryer Toaster Oven. In terms of capacity, this unit can fit the following:

– One 12” pizza
– 6 slices of bread
– 3lbs of chicken wings
– One 4lb chicken


Instead of an LCD screen, Cuisinart has designed this model with four function dials – Oven Timer, Temperature, Function, and Toaster Timer. A common complaint is that it’s difficult to set the Oven Timer to exactly the time you want, as it goes up in units of 10 until 60 minutes. So, for example, if you’re setting the timer to 27 minutes, it’s hard to tell as there aren’t any markings in between the time intervals. Please see the diagram below:

The maximum amount of time you can cook for is 60 minutes, as this is the highest unit on the Timer Dial. Although this may make you think it limits what you can cook, you’ll find your food cooks and bakes a lot faster in this appliance. So, if you have any recipes that exceed 60-minutes, you’ll probably find that you need to reduce your cooking time.

Some users have also found that the dials can break off from the unit. This is another fault Cuisinart is aware of. If this happens, Cuisinart doesn’t replace the dial but will replace the whole unit as long as it is still in warranty.

Two Rack Positions
There are two rack positions in this unit for better cooking versatility. Please see the diagram below:

Polarized Plug
This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other), and will only fit in a polarized plug one way. It has been designed this way for safety, as polarized plugs work to prevent electrical shocks if an energized part of the appliance were to be touched.

If this plug does not fit your outlet, there are instructions provided in the manual on what to do.



The average watts for a toaster oven is between 1200 and 1500, so this unit is on the higher end.

It costs around 12 cents per 1000 watts per hour of usage. Higher watts will preheat quickly whereas lower watts will take longer. Ultimately, a model with higher watts may end up saving you money as it won’t be on for as long as a model with lower watts.


3 Year Warranty

I was pretty impressed to see that this model comes with a three-year warranty. I usually find that the longer the warranty, the better the durability.

As previously mentioned, there are a few consistent problems users have found with this model. The first is the inaccurate temperature, as many have found the unit will either go too far above the desired temperature or too low.

The second is that the dials tend to break off. For both issues, Cuisinart has replaced the unit with a new one. However, you may have to pay for shipping.


Included Accessories:
– AirFryer Basket
– Baking Pan/Drip Tray

I have seen no complaints in terms of how sturdy these accessories are, however, I have seen a consistent complaint of how difficult they are to clean and how discolored these accessories become.

Additional Accessories:
– Cuisinart Pizza Stone (available from the Cuisinart website)

Pros and Cons

– All-in-one (replaces several appliances)
– Crisps food well
– Cooks evenly
– Low-calorie cooking when using air fryer
– Interior light
– Safety auto-off door
– 7 cooking functions
– Two rack positions

– Timer Dial makes it difficult to select the exact time
– Dials are prone to breakage
– Temperature Dial is known to be calibrated incorrectly
– No LCD screen
– 60-minute time limit

Consumer Rating

I would rate this product highly purely because it is an all-in-one model, meaning I can toast, air fry, cook, and bake in it without taking up too much space on my counter.

In my research, I have found reviews that are either extremely happy or extremely disappointed with this model.

Reviewers who are unhappy with their purchase have usually been unlucky with the unit they were provided with and experienced problems such as the dials breaking or the temperature not being calibrated correctly. Despite this, some are happy once Cuisinart replaces their purchase with a fully functioning unit.

Reviewers who are extremely happy think this product is great for saving space on their counter. It also speeds up cooking times so you won’t have to wait long for a midnight snack to heat up.

Cuisinart TOA-60 AirFryer Toaster Oven Price Summary

Compared to other toaster ovens, this model falls to the higher end of the market in terms of pricing. However, with the addition of the AirFryer, it does a lot more than your average toaster oven and is around the same price as units from other manufacturers.

Got a big family? You can cook multiple meals at once by using this appliance alongside your regular kitchen oven. You could even cook the main meal in your regular oven while you cook your sides or dessert in this AirFryer/Toaster Oven.

Living alone? You probably don’t want to be heating up your regular oven every time for a meal just for one, as this takes a long time and wastes energy. By investing in a countertop oven, you’ll be waiting less time for the appliance to preheat and cook your food.

If the silver color doesn’t go with your kitchen’s color scheme, there are two other color options – copper and black stainless steel. There is a slight difference in price depending on which color you choose so you may have to pay more.

Cuisinart TOA-60 AirFryer, Convection Toaster Oven Review

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