Cuisinart TOB-260N1 Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven Review

Cuisinart TOB-260N1 Chef's Convection Toaster Oven, Stainless Steel

The Cuisinart TOB-260N1 Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven seems so much more than just a toaster oven, so we decided to take a look for ourselves and write an honest, detailed review. At just a glance, I could already tell that this product has an impressive variety of features that many other models simply don’t offer. Plus, it has a great warranty, giving me reassurance of its reliability and durability.

If you’re living alone or as a couple, this product is so versatile it can be used as a replacement for your regular oven. Everything you can cook in your regular oven, you can cook in this. Chicken, fish, cookies, bread – you name it, you can cook it in this Cuisinart toaster oven.

For further details of product features, read our comprehensive review below.

Does the Cuisinart TOB-260N1 have a convection feature?

In short – yes! This Cuisinart toaster oven is fitted with a convection feature to use with any cooking function, including bake, broil, roast, pizza, sandwich, keep warm and leftover. Plus, it doesn’t make a loud noise while in use.

Why do you need convection baking?

A convection feature gives users greater flexibility when baking or cooking in their toaster oven. Convection fans circulate hot air throughout the oven for a more even bake, creating crispier crusts and softer insides. However, it’s important to note that convection features will reduce cooking time between 20 and 30%, so cooking times must be adjusted accordingly to avoid burning food!

Unlike other toaster ovens, this one also comes with a Speed Convection feature. This is a special function developed to cook food even faster and is recommended to use when cooking frozen food items and roasting vegetables or meat. Just like the regular Convection feature, Speed Convection circulates heated air around food while it cooks. As it cooks food even quicker than the regular Convection feature, it’s important to also adjust time accordingly to avoid a burnt dinner.

With these two Convection features available, users have found they no longer need to wait for the toaster oven to heat up and can put food in to cook straight away – it’s a real time-saver.

Toaster Functions

You’ll get to make a whole lot more than just toast with this handy kitchen appliance. With functions including Toast, Bagel, Waffle, Keep Warm, Bake, Broil, Roast, Pizza, Leftovers, Sandwich, and Defrost, as well as Dual Cook, Convection and Speed Convection – it acts as a second oven in your home. This is ideal for the holiday season when you’re cooking for family and friends and there isn’t enough space in your regular oven. I find it handy to cook the main meal in my regular oven while using my toaster oven to cook the sides – or even to just keep food warm while I finish preparing other dishes.

What’s Dual Cook?
This handy function enables users to combine any two cooking functions or temperatures and run them consecutively. For example, you may use the Dual Cook option to Bake and then Broil your food. You could also Bake your dish at your desired temperature and for your selected time, then choose Keep Warm to ensure the dish stays at serving temperature – perfect for those times you may be preparing more than one dish.


15 pre-set cooking functions
Interior light
Function dial
Auto-eject rack
Four rack positions
Backlit LCD screen

For complete clarity when in use, the blue backlit LCD digital display shows the selected function, shade setting, temperature and cooking time.

Burnt toast is the last thing you want after spending good money on a toaster oven. So, to ensure people have the best experience, Cuisinart has made the Toast function customizable. You can select how dark you’d like your toast to be and the number of slices of toast you’re toasting at any one time. This means it will adjust its temperature accordingly and reduce the likelihood of overdone toast.

A similar function can also be used for the Pizza function, enabling users to select pizza size up to 13-inches. This is to optimize the experience, adjust the unit’s 5 quartz elements, and minimize the dreaded burnt pizza so many of us have suffered.

As cooking frozen food usually takes longer, a snowflake will appear on the LCD display screen when using the Toast, Bake, Pizza or Waffle function. If you are not cooking from frozen, all you need to do is turn the dial and the snowflake will disappear.
The +30 button allows you to add 30 valuable seconds to any function during cooking or toasting – perfect for those dishes that need just a little extra time.

It is also designed with an interior light with a button that can be pressed so you can see how your food is cooking throughout and adjust cooking time/temperature accordingly if needed.
Like most toaster ovens on the market, this one also comes with an alarm function to alert you when your food is ready to be removed, reducing the likelihood of a burnt dinner.

Temperature Range

150 degrees Fahrenheit (for the Keep Warm function) is the lowest this unit will go and 500 (for the Broil function) is the highest it will reach. Once a time and temperature have been set, it will immediately begin to preheat, however, if the time or temperature needs to be changed after it has started it is easily changed.

Many toaster ovens have a timer that starts when you select the function, however, this one only starts once it reaches the desired temperature. This provides more accurate cooking.

It’s important to not store items on top of the oven as the whole outside of the oven will get hot when in use. This is not exclusive to this particular model, as I find this is a universal issue across brands.

Is the Cuisinart TOB-260N1 easy to clean?

As it is designed with a pull-out crumb tray that is accessible from the front, it is incredibly easy to clean. Not only that, the interior and exterior has a special coating so all that is needed is a damp cloth to wipe away food debris.

It’s important to note that the manual explicitly says not to use metal scouring pads when cleaning any part of the toaster oven as this will remove the protective coating. Soaps and detergents should also not be used on the pizza stone accessory as the soap will seep into the stone and make your food taste of soap – bleurgh!


Exterior: 20.87″ (L) x 16.93″ (W) x 11.42″ (H)

Interior: (Awaiting confirmation from Cuisinart)

It comfortably fits 13-inch baking pans but only if they don’t have a handle on them.

How much food can be cooked in it?

Possibly the most important question – how much food can you cook in the Cuisinart TOB-260N1?

9 slices of bread
A 13-inch pizza
A 5-pound chicken
A 7-pound turkey breast
4 pounds of ribs
Two 9 x 13-inch baking pans (as long as they don’t have handles)


Its blue, backlit LCD screen clearly displays the function, time, temperature and toast shade you have selected. And, when the oven is plugged in but not in use, it will display the time – a helpful little feature to keep track of the hour on a daily basis.

Designed with four interior rack positions, this toaster oven offers incredible cooking versatility and enables users to prepare more than one dish at a time. For example, one rack could be cooking meat while the other cooks vegetables. Plus, the upper positions have a stop feature, so the rack stops halfway out of the oven for safety.

However, a common complaint of the design is that the door does not seem to close properly. Although this is seen as a design fault, it doesn’t affect the actual function of the oven.

Most users have found the ink on the buttons fades quite quickly, leaving some with no indication of what each button does. To combat this, some users have stuck tape on the buttons so the ink will not wear off.

This product has been designed with a dial to select functions and while it is effective, it feels a little loose when in use. Some people have found it skips functions and takes a little fiddling to get to the right function selection.


This product comes with a three-year warranty, which is usually an indicator of how durable a product is. I tend to think, the longer the warranty the more reliable and durable the product. With this particular item, there are mixed reviews as to how consistent it is in working. However, most have found that Cuisinart is very helpful in mending or replacing the toaster oven if it breaks or malfunctions within the warranty. So, even if you experience problems after purchasing it, you won’t be left completely helpless and Cuisinart will help you within the three-year warranty period.

It’s important to note that you will have to pay a small fee if you need to return your purchase to Cuisinart.


1800 watts

On average, it costs around 12 cents per 1000 watts per hour of usage. This means that the lower the watts, the longer it will take to preheat. If the product has higher watts it will preheat quickly, meaning the cost differences may be minimized according to a machine’s efficiency.

Toaster ovens are usually between 1200 and 1500 watts, so this Cuisinart model is on the higher end, meaning it will preheat and cook food quickly.


Included Accessories
The below items are included with the toaster oven:
– Two oven racks
– A baking/drip pan
– Broiling pan
– Removable crumb tray
– 13-inch pizza stone
– Recipe booklet

Additional Accessories
If you’re cooking foods that contain citric acids, such as orange, lemon, and other fruits, it may damage the enamel finish on the baking and broiling pans. To avoid this from happening, I recommend purchasing baking parchment paper or aluminum foil to line the pans with.

Pros and Cons

– Heats up quickly
– Saves time
– Easy-to-use controls
– 15 cooking functions (including Speed Convection and Dual Cook)
– Two racks with four rack positions
– Three-year warranty
– Easy to clean with non-stick interior
– Backlit LCD screen
– Interior light
– All materials that come into contact with food are BPA-free

– Button labels wear off
– Oven door doesn’t close completely
– The dial is sensitive
– Must pay shipping if returning to the manufacturer

Consumer Rating

On the whole, this model has received a lot of great reviews. Because it comes with a three-year warranty, Cuisinart is really helpful in amending any issues – either through providing repairs or supplying a new unit completely. Even those individuals who had issues with their toaster oven not long after purchasing have provided a high rating as Cuisinart has been helpful in delivering repairs and replacements. The three-year warranty really shows this to be a durable product that consumers love.

Cuisinart TOB-260N1 Price Summary

In terms of pricing, this model falls directly in the middle – it’s not the cheapest, but you could also pay a lot more. In choosing this make and model, you’re also choosing a greater variety of features, quicker preheating and cooking times, and durability with a great three-year warranty.

This product is ideal for people on their own or couples who don’t want to heat up their conventional kitchen oven every time they prepare a meal. However, it’s also great for those with bigger families. Through investing in a toaster oven, you can cook the main meal in your big oven and cook your sides or appetizers in the toaster oven at the same time. Whoever you are, it’ll save you time in the kitchen for sure!

Cuisinart TOB-260N1 Chef's Convection Toaster Oven Review

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