How A Toaster Oven Will Save You Money And Hours Spent In The Kitchen

No-one ever slaved over a hot toaster oven, which is why I’ve decided to discuss all the benefits of investing in one. Although your traditional oven is great for creating delicious feasts for big groups of people, it’s simply not convenient when it’s just you on your own, or if you’re cooking for one or two others. That’s why many people consider investing in a toaster oven – and here are five reasons why.

1. Shorter preheat times
The average oven takes around 20 minutes to heat up to 450°. However, many toaster ovens can take as little as five minutes. Imagine that! You could save up to 15 minutes every time you choose to use a toaster oven instead of your traditional kitchen oven.

2. It could replace your microwave

I know reheating and defrosting food is all I really use my microwave for. Most toaster ovens are not much bigger than your average microwave, and many models – like the Oster TSSTVMNDG – include a ‘warm’ and ‘defrost’ feature. Plus, many users find in choosing to re-heat their food in a toaster oven, that their food actually tastes better than when they heat their food in a microwave – especially pizza.

3. Toaster ovens are cheaper to run
Choosing to use your toaster oven instead of your normal oven could save you money. Depending on the model, a typical electric oven runs on 2,500 to 5,000 watts. If it is set to 350°, it uses an average of 2 kilowatt hours of energy for 60 minutes of cooking time. On the other hand, a 1,200-watt toaster oven set to 450° for 50 minutes uses only 0.9 kWh, according to BC Hydro. These measurements also vary according to make and model.

4. Your food will cook quicker
If you want shorter cooking times, make sure to look out for a toaster oven with a convection feature! This function circulates hot air throughout the oven for a more even bake. Plus, it’ll reduce your cooking time between 20 and 30% which means less time in the kitchen! When using a convection feature, it’s important to adjust your cooking times accordingly.

5. Less elbow grease
Although toaster ovens need to be cleaned more often than your traditional kitchen oven, they’re a lot easier to clean in general. There’s no special oven cleaner that you need to buy, and for most toaster ovens, all you need to do is remove the crumb tray (if it has a removable one), and wipe the crumbs off. The racks can usually be removed too, which can be easily washed in soap and water with a non-abrasive sponge. It’s important to remember to unplug your toaster oven before you begin to clean it, as well as to ensure all parts are dry before turning it back on.

To find the ideal toaster oven for your needs and kitchen, take a look at the Reviews section. There, you’ll find detailed reviews on a variety of toaster oven makes and models to suit all budgets.

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